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Size | Weight
holo mini spec size
Mounting methods

Wall-mounted Plate
Holo2go Shelf Stand
Holo2go Vertical Stand
Holo2go Hexagon Plexiglass Cover


1080 · 1080

hd logo
Device rotation

2000 RPM


Remote Control
Mobile App (Android)
Desktop Software (Windows/MAC)

Warranty period

Every HoloBlade comes with a 3 month limited warranty.

Limited Warranty includes 90 days of technical support and 6 months coverage for hardware repair. Each incident is subject to the service & shipping fees, listed below, plus applicable tax.

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2200 Nits
2200 Cd/M2

experience holobase

Experience HoloBase

Get hands-on with your holograms

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Comes configured with (1) HoloBlade 36" Pro or Ultra
Series Hologram Display

holomini get help buying

Get help buying

Call 954-462-4000 or Chat

holo2go warranty

Holo2Go Warranty

Defect and malfunction coverage

3D Hologram Projector Fan LED Holographic, Advertising, Retail, and Portable Trade Show Display Kiosk.


Engage your audience in the smallest spaces with our brightest hologram display

7695 USD

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$1500 USD


In an increasingly marketing landscape, unique is hard to come by, until now. Holo2Go’s HoloBase offers an exclusive and hypnotic holographic experience amplifying the value of your business in profound ways. HoloBase showcases a hologram experience that commands attention, from captivating trade show presentations to high-end store merchandising.

We offer the following:

Interactive ready

Interactive ready

Let your audience discover exciting graphical user experience’s with our highly responsive touchscreen.
Enhance your experience

Enhance your experience

Audio design from Holo2Go studios delivers, clear, rich &. powerful sound enhancing the hologram experience.
built for professional use

Built for professional use

Vibrant HD imagery. Built to attract attention and drive traffic in brightly lit trade show & retail environments.
Live Support

Live Support

Get real-time, concierge level support from technically skilled experts.
hypnotize your audience
Hypnotize your audience
Million of shades of color reveal a vibrant lifelike hologram experience fro immersive viewing.
holomini easy setup

Easy Setup

Set up effortlessly at your trade show, office, retail store, or event.
holomini wifi
Built-in WiFi
Connect to your network and upload content with ease.
Trusted by
modern brands
U.S. Air Force
Bridgewater State University

Your content or ours

You can upload your content to HoloBase or have our award winning team of the leading CGI experts
create a seamless hologram for your brand. The Holobase is a blank canvas. Custom fabricated casing,
sound design and interactivity all play a significant role in creating powerful customer connections.

tradeshow presentation tradeshow show presentation

Got Questions? Talk to a hologram specialist.
Call 954-462-4000

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What's included

holo2go holoblade holo2go blade remote holo2go blade charger holo2go base unit
holo2go holoblade mini
Holo2go Holoblade
Pro Series 35"
holoblade remote control Remote Control
holoblade power adapter 15W Power Adapter
& Cord

Base Unit

Interactive Ready

We use infrared (IR) technology to easily detect fingers, styluses, gloved hands, or other objects. This allows swift and smooth movements on custom applications and animations . The advanced light sensor technology requires no minimum touch pressure and a 10-point multi-touch capacity.. Custom interactivity may require 30-60 days for development

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If you can dream,
we can build it.

holotower render to reality holotower holo2go

From render to reality. HoloBase is custom engineered for powerful customer connections and
streamlined installation. HoloBase offers an unrivaled ownership or rental experience. Let us
help you take display technology into the next generation with Holo2Go’s HoloBase.

Contact us about HoloBase

Ready to step into the next generation of display technology? Please provide your contact details and a Holo2Go Hologram account specialist will help you take the first step in discovering the power of HoloBase. Or you can call (954) 462-4000 to talk to an expert now.

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