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Technical specifications
Screen Gain


screen gain


holostage transparency
holostage usage
Indoor & Outdoor Availability

92% Polyamide
8% Silver



Viewing Angle
viewing angle
Warranty period

Every Holo2go product comes with a limited warranty of (12) months

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HoloStage Line up


An unrivaled entertainment experience

Holo2Go’s HoloStage Lineup

Take live holographic entertainment into the future with Holo2Go’s HoloStage. HoloStage offers you the latest in hologram screen and projection technology for large entertainment venues.

Holographic entertainment was once confined to large productions out of Las Vegas. Until Now. The HoloStage line up showcases your vision with immersive holographic experiences that command attention from concerts to museum attractions to entertainment venues, fashion shows to comic cons.



Next Generation of Hologram
Screen Technology

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HoloVeil available in white or grey translucent mesh for indoors or outdoors

holoveil projector

Built to order electric projector screen lifts sold seperately

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holo2go warranty

Holo2Go Warranty

Defect and malfunction coverage


Create an immersive experience like no other.

$25.00 USD ( indoor )

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$35.00 USD ( outdoors )

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HoloVeil© is a next-generation hologram projection screen delivering remarkable 3D presentations and performances. Suitable for front or rear projections, HoloVeil allows you to take your projection mapping of 3D imagery on an awe-inspiring scale. HoloVeil is more than a screen- it provides a revolutionary visual experience that must be seen to be believed.

HoloVeil© is also an extremely reflective and translucent projection mesh that can transform projector imagery into immersive 3D performances. Its miniature, silvered threads make bright and sharp images when projected upon; however, they are nearly undetectable when unlit. Holo-Veil© may be utilized in several locations including, stage productions, outdoor signage, indoor and outdoor festivals, comic-cons, product launches, museum, and exhibition installations.

Interactive Capable

Interactive Capable

Let your performers control graphic imagery with gestures from their hands .
Made to order

Made to order

Speciality sewing method makes seams invisible when projected upon. Piece height and lengths approx. 10.5” x 328”
built for professional use

Built for professional use

Vibrant HD imagery. Built to attract attention and drive traffic in brightly lit trade show & retail environments.
Live Support

Live Support

Get real-time, concierge level support from technically skilled experts.
Stunning Color and detail
Stunning Color and detail
HoloVeil has 2x the amount of reflective coating than conventional Hologram screens that produce a more vibrant experience.
Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Set up effortlessly at your trade show, stage, retail store, or event. Can be attached to truss, lighting bar or frame.
HD Projector ready
HD Projector ready
Compatible with any HD projector. Performance varies dependingon ambient lighting, distance from screen and projector lumens.

From concept to reality

holostage concept to reality

if you’re considering a stage performance or brand experience using HoloVeil, we can help. Holo2Go is a creative studio backed by an award-winning content creation team of visual effect artists, animators, marketers, directors and fabricators from the film and advertising industries. We’ll work with you to turn your ideas, strategy and IP into immersive holographic experiences.

Got Questions? Talk to a hologram specialist.
Call 954-462-4000

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Trusted by
modern brands
U.S. Air Force
Bridgewater State University
holostage rear projection

Front or rear projection

HoloVeil allows you to create bright and
visually striking 3D imagery suitable for
both projection methods.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

tradeshow presentation tradeshow show presentation

Want to resurrect a deceased celebrity into a 3d character- we can do that as well. Company spokesperson turned into a lifesize hologram? We offer a complete green screen studio with an experienced production crew ready to assist clients with last-minute production requests.

Contact us about HoloVeil

Ready to step into the next generation of display technology? Please provide your contact details and a Holo2Go Hologram account specialist will help you take the first step in discovering the power of HoloVeil. Or you can call (954) 462-4000 to talk to an expert now.

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