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Tell stories with light

holo2go products

Holoblade® [ Wi-Fi enabled] - A holographic display for everyone

Holoblade® The world's original leading Hologram projector. A modern innovation
that will astonish your audience and grow your business

Astonish your audience

holo2go products


19 inch


Holoblade 2

24 inch


Holoblade 3

35.5 inch


All Holoblade Packages include:

  • 1. 9 foot power adapter
  • 2. One year warranty
  • 3. (1) Mounting bracket
  • 4. Remote control

At a 35.5 inch diameter the Holoblade 3 provides the largest coverage area
in a single holographic display.

Tell the largest stories with light.

Modular LED units for wall size displays and beyond.

holo2go holoblade 3

Stand Out

Get extra looks. Life your holographic display
and save floor space with our eye level 70-inch stands.
Stands can be be dismounted for easy shipping.
Portable and convenient. Ideal for trade shows and events.

Need a custom stand, talk to the experts

holo2go kiosks stands
holo2go kiosks stand left
holo2go kiosks stand right

Really stand out

Make your holograms bigger, more beautiful and
convenient than ever with our multiple-sync stands.
Configure up to(3) Holoblades on one 70-inch stand

Mounting brackets

The stand is available with one to three mounting brackets
designed specifically to secure the Holoblade


The Holo2go base stand is design for stability on even
ground surfaces.


The lightweight aluminum stand is 70 inches tall and can
be easily picked up and moved

Standing or

Our designers and engineers can fabricate interactive
holographic experiences to any specifications.
Place an order at a restaurant or chat with a 3d avatar.
Our customers facing devices can yield improved
Patron satisfaction and increase sales.

Need a custom kiosk, talk to the experts

Shelf stand

Display your Holograms when and where
you want with the Holo2go shelf stand

Need a custom stand, talk to the experts

Customize to
fit your needs

Save 15% off our cases and protective
covers with the purchase of a Holoblade

Do more with Holoblade.

Order Holo2go accessories today.

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