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thermal camera system

Get back to business with Holo2Go

Protect your employees & customers

A thermal imaging system outfitted by Holo2Go integrates all your
rapid screening objectives into one easy-to-use turnkey system.
From your laptop or desktop control and calibrate your thermal camera,
temperature alarm software and so much more.
All at an affordable price.

Coming Soon:Hand-held thermal Imaging

This thermal imaging camera is one of several
Holo2Go models we will be offering for onsite rapid
screening of employees and customers.

thermal camera

OfficeScan IR Thermal Camera - YJ1768

OfficeScan IR YJ1768 is a professional thermal camera that can carry
out temp compensation varying with environment changes voluntarily without
continuous blackbody calibration and control the error within the
range of ±0.6°C (±1.08°F).

thermal camera
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thermal camera

A USB cable connects the OfficeScan IR software to the camera.

Holo2Go's Infrared (IR) Thermal Camera & Temperature Alert Software

OfficeScan IR ™

A turnkey thermal camera system for businesses looking for an affordable rapid screening solution

$3586.50 USD

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Holo2Go makes deploying thermal imaging systems to combat COVID-19, easy. Due to the coronavirus and the ongoing pandemic, many organizations are in danger of sustained disruption.

Thermal imaging systems from Holo2Go helps businesses detect employees and customers with elevated body / skin temperature (possible signs they are fighting infection ) before they enter a crowded workplace.

Companies that implement a OfficeScan IR thermal screen system can help provide a more secure & safe workplace for a productive workforce, while mitigating damages from potential lawsuits.

Precise no-touch temperature scans

Precise no-touch temperature scans

Measurement accuracy for human body is ±1.08°F (±0.6°C)
Fight against COVID19

Fight against COVID19

Provide a safe and secure workplace for a productive workforce
Live Support

Holo2Go's Live Support

Get real-time, concierge level support from technically skilled experts.
holomini easy setup

Easy Setup

Set up effortlessly in your mall, lobby, warehouse, office, retail store, or event.

Get the latest thermal & holographic technology from Holo2Go

Help in the Global Fight Against COVID-19

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OfficeScan IR™
Enterprise Thermal Camera
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holo2go warranty

Holo2Go Warranty

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