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Technical specifications
Screen size
8 inches IPS LCD Screen
Stand size
holo2go fever scan stand
Operating system
Camera pixels
Image processing
Built In Dual ISP
Network Module
2.4 G Wifi, 4G Network Card
Scanning Type
Infared, Thermal
Panel Manufacturer
Video Input
1080 X1920
110-220 Volt
Warranty period
Every Holo2go products comes with a limited warranty of (12) months
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Holo2Go FeverScan™ Stand
holo2go fever scan stand sanitizer
holo2go fever scan holo2go fever scan holo2go fever scan

* Expected Delivery Date: 4 weeks from order

Face Recognition infrared Non-contact Fever Body Temperature Detection
Measurement Attendance Access Control System Terminal Hand Sanitizer

Holo2Go FeverScan™ Stand

Our signature body temperature scanner with stand tailored made for children

$1,579 USD

To place an order please email: hello@holo2go.com or
call 954-462-4000 x206 for questions.
Business Hours Mon-Fri 10a-6p EST.

Get back to business with Holo2Go’s FeverScan™— a next generation body temperature and facial recognition smart display. FeverScan™ can perform precise non-contact screenings for elevated skin temperature and alert and warn if someone isn’t wearing a mask. In addition FeverScan has the advanced high-tech capability to function as an access control unit for gate entry into your facility.

FeverScan provides effortless Installation and management as it can be mounted to a table base, wall or stand and be managed through a Wifi, USB, HDMI, or LAN input to a host computer.

Precise body temperature measurement

Precise body temperature measurement

Infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection accurate temperature measurement within 1.5 feet. Temperature measurement accuracy plus or minus 0.1 degrees
Supports mask recognition

Supports mask recognition

When personnel are identified not wearing a mask, notifications or alarms can be triggered.
Apply to gate channel

Apply to gate channel

Alarms for temperature and mask wearing can control access to gate entryways
Several mounting options

Several mounting options

Brake machine, wall-mounted, desktop or portable floor-mounted installation.
Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Unique face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces to control attendance, face mask recognition or even ID card reader. LAN device supports storage of 20,000 face photos & 1 million recognition records.
Live Support

Live Support

Get real-time, concierge level support from technically skilled experts .
The expected shipping date provided is based on an estimate given by our carrier partners and subject to change. Holo2Go will keep each customer and order details updated if any delays occur. As committed as we are to full customer satisfaction, we’re also operating under COVID-19 conditions and doing our best to fulfill every order received.
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Call 954-462-4000 or Chat

holo2go warranty

Holo2Go Warranty

Defect and malfunction coverage

Get back to business with
Holo2go FeverScan™

FeverScan™ from Holo2Go can help screen customers and
employees for elevated body temperature before they enter
crowded workspaces. Organizations can deploy these screening
systems in any of the following places for a more production and
safer environment.

Feverscan Image
Building entrances

FeverScan™ mounted on
3.6" foot vertical stand.

Building entrance
feverscan image
Visitor reception

FeverScan™ mounted
on a stylish desktop display.

Visitor reception
Feverscan Image

FeverScan™ on a 2 foot vertical
aluminum stand.

Building entrance
Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls

FeverScan™ mounted on
3.6" foot vertical stand.

Feverscan Image
Company attendance

8-inch screen with wall mount

Company attendance

Smart access control

Holo2Go FeverScan™ provides the next generation of safe and
efficient access control for your facility.

Next generation entry control

Unprecedented control using body temperature and facial recognition.

Your face is unique
Your face is unique

Not even identical twins have the same face. FeverScan
provides an accuracy ratio of 1: 1 Personal
identification is over 99%;

A robust  solution
A robust solution

Faces in different angles, lighting or even wearing
a face mask are precisely identified using FeverScan


Entrants never need to touch any equipment
Promoting a healthy environment.

A change in temperature
A change in temperature

FeverScan instantly measures a entrants body
temperature over time and reports unusual
changes in temperature.

Super convenient
Super convenient

No need to present an ID or FOB key face
algorithm accurately recognizes faces in 1 sec.

Stranger notifications
Stranger notifications

FeverScan can allow or deny entry access using facial
scans or using notification alerts

Contact us about FeverScan™
thermal & facial recognition system

Ready to step into the next generation of thermal imaging technology? Please provide your contact details and a Holo2Go account specialist will help you take the first step in discovering the power of Holo2Go FeverScan™ Stand. Or you can call (954) 462-4000 to talk to an expert now.

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